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Rose Eken

by on January 12th 2013

Rose Eken Master of Reality, installation, glazed ceramics

Rose Eken’s exhibition “Love is the Drug” was on view at Munch Gallery through February 3rd, 2013. Gallery Director Lillan Munch leads us in conversation with the artist: 1/Tell us a little about your choices of media and how these choices relate to the objects represented in your artwork. I work with a variety of media [READ ►]

George Boorujy

by on March 25th 2012

George Boorujy Heath Hen

Arthur Seen: I can’t help but to think of a Möbius strip when visualizing your path towards becoming a Brooklyn based artist. Raised in NJ, going to Miami to pursue a career in Marine Biology, receiving a BFA in painting instead, then back north to NYC via Alaska>North California>Las Vegas to earn an MFA from [READ ►]

Kathy Ruttenberg

by on March 21st 2012

Kathy Ruttenberg The Moment After

Arthur Seen interviews artist Kathy Ruttenberg during her exhibition, “The Earth Exhales,” at STUX Gallery March 21 through May 5th, 2012. Arthur Seen: Your artworks have an imaginative fairytale-like quality. Is there an ongoing fairytale that inspires all of your work? What would we witness if we could physically step inside the story? Kathy Ruttenberg: The story unveils inside [READ ►]