Interview: Jayoung Yoon

by on July 27th 2016

Jayoung Yoon - Sensing Thought 03

Keith Schweitzer of ART(inter) in conversation with New York-based artist Jayoung Yoon.   KS: There’s a lovely connective thread along all of your work—the sculpture, performance, and film. I get a definite sense of ritual and meditation. The work is haunting, particularly the sculpture, as mysterious and ancient artifacts of a culture unknown to me. [READ ►]

Interview: Melanie Vote

by on March 16th 2016

Melanie Vote, Place Like Home (2008-16, oil on linen on panel, 26"x18")

Keith Schweitzer of ART(inter) in conversation with NY-based artist Melanie Vote.   KS: I’ve long admired your fresh take on a rather old fashioned artistic practice: plein air painting. How much of your work is painted outdoors? What is it about plein air painting that appeals to you? MV: For this show at Hionas Gallery [READ ►]

Interview: Lampu Kansanoh

by on February 12th 2016

Lampu Kansanoh My Beloved Assistant Housewife

Keith Schweitzer of ART(inter) in conversation with Thailand-based artist Lampu Kansanoh. I first met Lampu Kansanoh when she visited New York last year. During my recent trip to Thailand, I had an opportunity to meet with her again. Her studio is located southwest of Bangkok in Amphawa, a coconut-tree and canal-lined district in the Samut [READ ►]

Interview: Arnold Mesches

by on November 21st 2015

Arnold Mesches “Self Portrait 9”

Keith Schweitzer of ART(inter) in conversation with artist Arnold Mesches during his current exhibition Arnold Mesches – 75 Years of Works on Paper, on view at Life on Mars gallery through December 20th, 2015.  KS: You were born in the Bronx but moved away as a child, spending most of your education and early career in California. [READ ►]

Interview: Rebecca Morgan

by on October 25th 2015

Rebecca Morgan Self Portrait Wearing Hat

  Keith Schweitzer of ART(inter) in conversation with artist Rebecca Morgan.   KS: I’d like to talk at length about your ceramic works. I’ve watched them develop over the years, and they’ve become increasingly interesting. But first let’s discuss your drawings, as they seem to be the very essence of all of your work. Would you [READ ►]

Interview: Frank Webster

by on September 18th 2015

Frank Webster in his Brooklyn studio

  Keith Schweitzer of ART(inter) in conversation with Brooklyn-based artist Frank Webster.   KS: You’ve been very busy this year. I saw that you recently had a show in Austria. FW: Yes I had a show in Vienna this past spring with the Austrian painter Fabian Patzak at the Loft 8 Gallery in the newly renovated [READ ►]

Interview: Esperanza Mayobre

by on July 23rd 2013

esperanza mayobre immigration services

Esperanza Mayobre is a Brooklyn-based Venezuelan artist who “creates fictive laboratory spaces. Inserts the role of a hero, writing a role for herself in the work. Uses light as a metaphor for birth. Drawings to create infinite lines. Candles to create lines of light. Gives money away to talk about the third world countries debt. [READ ►]

Interview: Dennis McNett

by on June 21st 2013

DennisMcNett Burning Ship

Dennis McNett’s woodblock prints, installations and sculptures are visual narrations of intricate mythologies and often inspire crowds to participate in elaborate outdoor rituals. ART (inter) contributor Jilli Bean leads us in conversation with the artist: JB: It is clear that your art is a result of a fierce imagination. Borrowing from Greek and Norse myths, Mexican [READ ►]

Interview: Elektra KB

by on June 15th 2013

Elektra KB The White Papess ii

Elektra KB’s works were on view at concurrent exhibitions in two New York galleries, BravinLee (526 W26th Street, NYC; thru June 28, 2013) and Allegra LaViola Gallery (179 East Broadway, NYC; thru June 22, 2013).   ART(inter)’s Hannah Krafcik leads us in conversation with the artist: HK: You have two exhibitions showing right now. Would you [READ ►]