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Viewpoint: Ryan Schneider “El Diablo”

by on April 20th 2014

El Diablo Ryan Schnieder

artwork focus: “El Diablo” Ryan Schneider     “’El Diablo’ (pictured, top) began as an attempt to paint a giant ceramic bowl on a beach. Hopefully one day I will be able to pull that motif off, but in this instance, I was not. I worked on this big bowl with little crabs crawling all [READ ►]

Viewpoint: Jeffrey Beebe “City of Sociopaths”

by on January 13th 2014

“City of Sociopaths” Jeffrey Beebe

artwork focus: “City of Sociopaths” Jeffrey Beebe   “The Hobbit was my first introduction to fantasy, followed shortly by Lord of the Rings, and R.E. Howard’s Conan, Frank Herbert’s Dune books, H.P. Lovecraft, Piers Anthony,Terry Brooks, etc. Film hit me in a parallel fashion: Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back, Hawk the Slayer, The [READ ►]

Interview: Esperanza Mayobre

by on July 23rd 2013

esperanza mayobre immigration services

Esperanza Mayobre is a Brooklyn-based Venezuelan artist who “creates fictive laboratory spaces. Inserts the role of a hero, writing a role for herself in the work. Uses light as a metaphor for birth. Drawings to create infinite lines. Candles to create lines of light. Gives money away to talk about the third world countries debt. [READ ►]

Interview: Dennis McNett

by on June 21st 2013

DennisMcNett Burning Ship

Dennis McNett’s woodblock prints, installations and sculptures are visual narrations of intricate mythologies and often inspire crowds to participate in elaborate outdoor rituals. ART (inter) contributor Jilli Bean leads us in conversation with the artist: JB: It is clear that your art is a result of a fierce imagination. Borrowing from Greek and Norse myths, Mexican [READ ►]

Interview: Elektra KB

by on June 15th 2013

Elektra KB The White Papess ii

Elektra KB’s works were on view at concurrent exhibitions in two New York galleries, BravinLee (526 W26th Street, NYC; thru June 28, 2013) and Allegra LaViola Gallery (179 East Broadway, NYC; thru June 22, 2013).   ART(inter)’s Hannah Krafcik leads us in conversation with the artist: HK: You have two exhibitions showing right now. Would you [READ ►]

Interview: Marela Zacarias

by on April 14th 2013

Marela Zacarias

nycARTscene’s Hannah Krafcik leads us in conversation with artist Marela Zacarias: HK: Could you briefly give us a glimpse into the inspiration for your work, “Supple Beat,” which was part of the Brooklyn Museum’s 2013 “Raw/Cooked” series? What framework did the Brooklyn Museum provide for you to contextualize “Supple Beat” in the space? What did you want [READ ►]

Saya Woolfalk

by on February 11th 2013

Saya Woolfalk Empath

Saya Woolfalk’s exhibition “Chimera” was on view at Third Streaming through April 25, 2013. nycARTscene’s Hannah Krafcik leads us in conversation with the artist: HK: You present your artwork as fragments of a fantastical world beyond what we know. Our only point of access is through what you show us, and this is all birthed from a [READ ►]