Viewpoint: Ryan Schneider “El Diablo”

by on April 20th 2014

El Diablo Ryan Schnieder

artwork focus: “El Diablo” Ryan Schneider     “’El Diablo’ (pictured, top) began as an attempt to paint a giant ceramic bowl on a beach. Hopefully one day I will be able to pull that motif off, but in this instance, I was not. I worked on this big bowl with little crabs crawling all [READ ►]

Viewpoint: Jeffrey Beebe “City of Sociopaths”

by on January 13th 2014

“City of Sociopaths” Jeffrey Beebe

artwork focus: “City of Sociopaths” Jeffrey Beebe   “The Hobbit was my first introduction to fantasy, followed shortly by Lord of the Rings, and R.E. Howard’s Conan, Frank Herbert’s Dune books, H.P. Lovecraft, Piers Anthony,Terry Brooks, etc. Film hit me in a parallel fashion: Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back, Hawk the Slayer, The [READ ►]