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Interview: Jayoung Yoon

by on July 27th 2016

Jayoung Yoon - Sensing Thought 03

Keith Schweitzer of ART(inter) in conversation with New York-based artist Jayoung Yoon.   KS: There’s a lovely connective thread along all of your work—the sculpture, performance, and film. I get a definite sense of ritual and meditation. The work is haunting, particularly the sculpture, as mysterious and ancient artifacts of a culture unknown to me. [READ ►]

View Inside: Shawn Gallagher

by on June 23rd 2015

Shawn Gallagher

  Given Shawn Gallagher’s extensive holdings of supposedly obsolete apparatuses, and of course the many wonderfully imaginative images and sounds he produces using the same, his Bushwick studio is a world (or various worlds) unto itself (or themselves). His Castle Dracula project, for instance, on which he’s been working for quite a while, is a humorous, [READ ►]