View Inside: Lizbeth Mitty

by on June 10th 2015

All photographs by Paul D'Agostino.

All photographs by Paul D’Agostino.


I got plenty of time and space to look good and hard at a fine selection of paintings when I visited Lizbeth Mitty in her Red Hook studio. Her current fluctuations in subject matter and surface treatments led us to talk about structures as nature abstracted; urban tumult as abstraction in action; and city life as an abstraction, in many ways, of living. The polychromatic potential of compositional tri-groundings also came up, as did differential grids multi-formed into matrices. We also chatted about tugboats and homemade oil sticks. And about injuries and pesca-pictorial tables.

Here are some photos from my visit. To see more of Lizbeth’s work, visit her website.



Paul D’Agostino, Ph.D. is an artist, writer, translator, curator and professor living in Bushwick, Brooklyn. More information about him is available here, and you can find him as @postuccio on Instagram and Twitter.

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